Does Adding Rack & Pinion Affect Value

I’m considering upgrading my Power Steering on my 1968 Mustang California Special to Rack & Pinion. I have the Marti Report and the car was
Originally built with Power Disc ( my car has the GT Equipment Group option with the 302 4BBL ) but Power Steering was not included in the original Build
, but was a Dealer added Option 50 years ago and is what I presently have.
I’m thinking because it was not an original option , upgrading to a New Rack
& Pinion Steering System should not negatively affect the Value or desirably of the Car. Any thoughts or educated opinions would be appreciated.

You are correct in assuming that adding rack and pinion steering should have little affect in value. In general, when we are talking drivability upgrades to somewhat common cars, there is little affect up or down. It isn’t until we start talking about a CJ powered car or a Boss, are we looking at a measurable detriment to value.