Does any body have experience with Ceramic Coating for cars

I see advertising for professionally applied ceramic coating to protect the paint on cars. I would like to know if anyone has purchased this and if it works as advertised.

I’ll admit I am a skeptic, but don’t have any first hand experience. Hopefully someone with some will chime in.

I have ceramic coating applied on my BMW 428i Xdrive. It looks fantastic. The process was a bit expensive $1200, but remember that that price includes extensive preparation of the paint and required to ‘seal’ the work and ensure it looks mirror like when finished. Do not trust anyone that is not experienced and does not know how to paint correct to perfection before they ceramic. That is actually the key to ceramic coating 99% is the preparation. 1% is the ceramic coating or the easy part. And then the other downside (besides cost) is future wash and future maintenance. You have to use a pH soap and no more car washes with brushes (not that they are ever a good choice) your car has to be hand washed or cannon shot with power washer and hand wiped or better yet blown dry with power leaf blower. As I said it looks awesome, but it is very maintenance intensive and expensive, so it would probably depend on what type car you’re considering to do and if this solution is worth it to you?! It does NOT create an armored shield on your car protecting it from scratching or chips etc. It can and it will scratch just like a clear coat will. Water does indeed roll, or sheet, off of it like duck though! This quality of ceramic coating makes washing fairly easy and quick, especially if you’re in a garage and simply, or mostly, wiping dust and not heavy grime, salt, & dirt! I know easier said than done, I live in NJ and winters unfortunately are a reality. I just bought another car and I am seriously considering NOT ceramic coating it due to experience and upkeep required on the Beemer. But I still have not decided yet … it is BLACK Mustang, the BMW is Estoril Blue and as you know (should) black is very hard to keep perfect and if ceramic coating you want perfect to start. Blue is tough, but somewhat forgiving. Silver/Gray paint is actually the most forgiving and easiest to make look ‘right’. Good luck and hoping this was helpful and informative … Chris

This is very helpful! Thank you!

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You are very welcome Baylor. I am glad it could be helpful!!

SOLD to very happy new owner here driving away …

S O L D her … very happy new owner

S O L D the BMW yesterday :frowning:

I have successfully coated my cars and trucks. Its all in the preparation.
In order to get good results, it needs to be polished and any touch up and scratch repair complete. I usually budget 4 days working on it a couple hours a day. After the coating is applied, the car needs to be kept dry for 24 hours to cure. Once complete, any dirt just lifts right off with a little mild soap and water. My black 200k+ Toyota Tundra that sits outside looks great after 6 months after coating.

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Thanks - What product do you use?

Expensive to prep, expensive to apply, additional fuss to maintain. I guess I’ll keep waxing.