Does Porsche Classic’s new anti-theft tech really protect your vintage ride?


After years of saving for a classic car, or if you’ve maybe had one in the family for generations, it makes sense to take measures against theft. Regular maintenance and storage can protect against damage, and even if something gets broken it can be fixed. If your car is stolen, however, that’s a whole different can of worms.

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Virtually any high-tech auto theft system can be defeated, and once the word gets out on the street others quickly learn how to do it. This war between the thieve and car owners began in the early 1900s with locking systems, continued with electronic alarms, and now GPS and LoJack. The issue is not in stopping joy-riders, but professionals.
One very knowledgeable auto theft law officer in Chula Vista, CA whom I used to talk to always swore by an old standby, namely the CLUB. I use it routinely on my 1971 Porsche 911T and also an older Mercedes.
If you want to learn more about auto theft technology, see my book (with Rebecca Morales), Stealing Cars; Technology and Society from the Model T to Gran Torino (Johns Hopkins, 2014).


I agree with Mr. Heltmann. I just had a garage break-in when they stole nothing and damaged nothing but tore the garage cupboards, car interior and trunk apart, presumably looking for a spare key to steal my immaculate 993 Porsche. Something scared them off as they didn’t finish clearing all the cupboards.
I immediately took the ‘Club’ off my F150 truck, stored at my unattended shop, and put it on the Porsche until I get a separate garage security system and cameras installed. The Club is the instant security system. Maybe I won’t put it back on the truck after all.


The Club is a joke… it can be defeated in 30 seconds or less… Think about it, your steering wheel is made out of soft plastic with a small metal wire inside… any cutting tool or bolt cutter will instantly slice thru it! If your steering wheel is wood then it takes another 30 seconds to defeat the Club! It only keeps the honest people honest!! You’re much better off having a hidden cut off switch for the starter/battery…


You are right, if they want to destroy the steering wheel. Depends a lot on if they come prepared and how amateur they are. I think my burglars just happened on the car during a routine break-in. They broke off the headlight switch knob, I presume thinking it was the hood release…Dah! Trouble is most security systems can be defeated by professionals too. Whata you gonna do? I moved my car to another garage.


@d.hodes - You have a good point. Most simple security systems or methods only keep an honest thief out, and how many honest thieves are out there?

It also comes to a point where anything is better than nothing. Personally if I am worried about security an active tracking system that can keep tabs on a vehicle that has been taken is key.


@d.hodes My favorite anti-theft device is the hidden battery and/or fuel pump cutoff. A friend has a 1990’s Civic he parks on the street in Denver (his garage is for projects) and it’s been broken into three times but never stolen. Of course, that doesn’t prevent damage, but at least you know the car isn’t going anywhere.