Don’t make these 6 mistakes when working on your car


Working on cars is hard. Certainly not as easy as some of us wish. We posed a question on the Hagerty Forums last week and let our readers respond with their stories of the dumbest mistake they made while working on their car. There was plenty to learn from, and maybe a few to laugh at, in the numerous responses that our members had the confidence to type out. Here are a few of the trends we pulled from the responses.

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:expressionless: fascinating


I’ve drop parts (who hasn’t?)
double gasketed an oil filter (duh)
My son drained my truck’s transmission fluid…
Batting 500, not a good sign.


Over the years I think I have experienced most of the list.

Something that stands out to me is a quote from one of my first auto mech teachers; " when rebuilding an engine if you don’t have extra parts when you are done, you’ve done something wrong"

Scarily funny!