Don’t miss the boat on these 6 cars


Prices in the collector car market, on a large scale, experience more steady change than sudden jumps or plummets. But just like the stock market, there are occasional shifts that do happen in a short time span, and it always hurts to miss the boat on a car you’ve wanted for a while.

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Nobody ever mentions Hummers. Now that’s really forward thinking. Values are beginning to bottom out and won’t go much lower for those in decent condition. Look for H3 Alphas having the V8 engine. I was always looking for a collector car until I realized I had one in my garage. Good looking off-roaders with style and much more to brag about that your average old car.


No one mentions them because they are nothing more than a Colorado with a different body. They make to many of them and they are nothing special as far as collectability goes.


They did make a lot of 5 cylinder models, but few v/8’s, these are rising in value and will continue to rise since they are scarce.


Mach1970, you are partially correct. They used a canyon frame but it was reinforced for heavy off road use among other changes, according to GM the canyon and H3 share roughly 10% of their components.


Hummer? Maybe this is why they don’t mention it…


That is the dumbest video, that guy found one that the previous owner didn’t take good care of. I have an H2 and it has been a great truck and has never let me down.


Never owned one. Always liked them. Wonder why they quit making them?


Unfortunately the rise in gas prices, and people wanting more economical vehicles killed the H2 off, that’s when they went to the H3 trying to keep the namesake alive etc…


No one ever mentions the '66 Charger!



The E30 M3 wasnt a Turbo 4… might want to fix that


My E30. M3 was injected but no turbo. I thought it was cool but overrated a little.


If you ever served in Iraq, Saudi or Afghanistan, even the Balkans you’d hate them! My personal animus is the great loss of life for soldiers that were forced to use these as combat vehicles. The IED’s destroyed these and the soldiers.
They were also very uncomfortably with all the gear required to wear. everytime I see one, I recall the loss of lives by my fellow soldiers and marines.


I am confused by the GMC pickup trucks. As a kid I remembered the '55 Chevrolet and GMC pickups as having a very different style from the early 50s trucks, reminiscent of the '55 Chevrolet cars with headlight that had visors as part of the fenders and grilles that looked more like the cars. Was that a '56 change or did they change the sheet metal in '55? I also recall that '55 was the advent of the Styleside pickups.


Who is this whiney guy? His criticisms could be leveled at any car you don’t like. He comes off as a millennial jerk.


I appreciate your service and sacrifice, and I get that, but the H2, and H3 are not even close to the H1. But unfortunately you are correct, it wasn’t until they armored the bottoms that it helped a bit. The H1 wasn’t designed for the ied’s etc… It wasn’t until desert storm/shield they found this out then they didn’t really up armor them enough it’s a damn shame.


‘55 was a ‘split’ year for Chevy/GMC trucks, the earlier style are referred to as “First Series” for the 55 model year. I’ve owned several of each, I have a ‘50 Chevy now that’s actually my daily driver. The 55-59’s seem to have quite a bit more room inside. One great thing about these trucks is that almost EVERY part is available. Just FYI, the ‘54’s and early 55’s hade the curved one piece windshield, 47-53 had the two piece.

As for ‘collectible hummers’ unless you’re talking about Hummer motorbikes, no. Not bashing them, I’ve had 3 H3’s…


I have a feeling the Mercedes W129 pre 1992 with the single cam 300sl will be a keeper. One the best MB engines of all time and the cars were essentially last of the “hand built” cars of their era. Just my 2 cents. I’m at a point in life that all cars will go 80 MPH, not caring how long it takes, which was not the case for me a while back. I also like the same time frame for the M B 300SE and the M B 300sel’s.


@ragtop69 - I never been a Demuro fan, so I don’t think I’ll watch the video to judge.

The millennial part of “millennial jerk” doesn’t need to be there though. Jerks are pretty similar across all ages.


This isn’t quite the list I was imagining. Agree with some, but there are a number of vehicles that feel like they’ve hit rock bottom and have huge potential for collectibility. Late 80’s/early 90’s Lotis Esprits, Ferrari 308GT4 Dino (people are finally appreciating the design), Dodge Viper, early 2000’s 911s with the ‘dreaded’ IMS issue, Jaguar XJ, Datsun 240z… maybe these have been mentioned before, but they still seem like they have more upside than most of these…