Don’t miss the boat on these 6 cars


I have a 2008 H2 with 144,000 miles, and it is one of the best rides I have ever owned. It has every convenience feature you can get in a new car, heated seats, power mirrors, great sound system, etc, and a ride that equals my Escalade, maybe even better. I really expect they will become collectible, in 5 more years. MPG is about 16mpg, not bad for an almost 6K plus weight vehicle.


Its all a matter of personal taste. I would much rather have a Land Rover Disco or Disco II or Range Rover P38 than any Hummer model. I love that the earliest models were made in the old Studebaker truck plant, but everything else about the Hummer is lost on me. Even with the problematic aluminum V8 (and everything else) in the LR/RR, I would have something nice to look at while sitting on the side of the road waiting for the rollback to arrive!


@simontuman - Good eye. We have updated the article to reflect the correct naturally aspirated four-cylinder.


66 or 67 but please don’t mention this again


How about the 78-79 LTD II’s?


IMHO A very overlooked car is the Pontiac Firebird. Style, performance and a marque that is now gone. Looks like a winner to me.


“South Park” had a great Hummer dig in an episode.


The body and lines on the 348 are just beautiful even if the performance numbers are nothing to be excited about. In a world of never I dream that I chance on a clean coupe sitting ignored in copart ready for a turbo 6 swap.


I mentioned them a while back. I , like you don’t understand how they can be ignored. I have an 03 H2 that i bought seven years ago when prices were rock bottom. I’ve had people, even car dealers try to buy it from me at gas stations. In the last couple of years the price has been steadily climbing and based on todays market i could easily sell it for 6-8k more than i paid for it. The great thing about them was most people kept them in garages and they only saw speed bumps at the mall. Most are in really good shape with low kms.
You do get alot of haters as you can see from the comments. I was attacked with “knuckle dragging” redneck stereotypes when i mentuoned them. But I like the hate. I don’t want to march to someone else’s beat. Wouldn’t life be boring if everybody liked the same thing? Hot rods and customs wouldn’t exist. “Ricers” may not be my thing, but i still appreciate the passion that the owner put into the car that they love.

Keep your hummer. They will be worth money down the road. Don’t worry about the haters. They’re just sheep following sheep…


I would suggest the 90’s (especially the 96) Nissan 300 Turbos, next Mazda’s from '89 to '93


I have an 03 and can honestly say it is my all time favourite vehicle. Ive had Sierras, Yukons and an Avalanche. No comparison when it comes to the comfort and unique view out the windshield. Keep it. The 08’s and especially the 09’s are goung to be worth the most.


I have a 2008Hummer H3. Bought it with 30K on the clock and now has 98K. It’s been a very good vehicle and absolutley no rust or issues. I don’t think I’ll live enough to see these become “collectable”. I’ll stick with my old sports cars for that.


You can buy H2s here for less than old Kawasaki H2 motorcycles. Go figure…


Don’t know what generation you fall into, but when we baby-boomers were young, the old folks thought we were somewhat nutty too. Protests, weed, acid-rock, long hair, etc… There is nothing wrong with the millennials in general; they just have different likes, dislikes, and “quirks”, than baby-boomers or Gen-X’ers did.


Sure - Kawasaki H-2’s are actually fun (if sometimes a bit risky).


2008-09 Hummer H2 with the New 6.2 Liter and 6 Speed tranny and redesigned interior.
If you can find the 2008 Ultra Marine edition snap it up. The press ripped on the Plymouth Superbird back in 70’s saying how ugly it was - look where it’s at today.


~AND ONCE AGAIN :roll_eyes: … Hagerty misses the sweet 2001 BMW 750iL w/optional ‘Sport’ Pkg… having a 5.4 L 322 hp V12 lurking under the hood. BMW only made 1032 of the 750iL’s in 2000/2001, as the V12, and E38 line then ceased. Rarer still were those ordered with the Cold Weather option, 'n “Dual Pane” energy saving/UV filtered glass option, which made the door glass 7/16" thick. Add ‘Sport’ 18" M-Parallel Alloy Wheels, Electronic Dampening Control suspension with rear SLS, a ‘Steptronic’ transmission, 18-way adjustable sport seats, both front and rear, a digital phone, Pwr Moonroof, Navigation with a 6-disc CD changer, and the optional Nussbaum Wood with Inlay trim in the beige full leather Interior. All adding up to one ‘sweet sedan’ and a powerful ride.


One of my favourite bmw’s.

OR my all time favourite the 635 csi alpina


I’m confused here. Maybe I am old school, which is a term I hate, but since I have been collecting since the '70s, as a hobby, it may apply. First, is Hagerty a car insurance company or an investment firm. I thought it was car insurance but I maybe wrong. Second, am I suppose to buy these cars for their pure fun and enjoyment or am I to buy them for their ROI first? Personally I don’t give a damn what all my cars are worth as they are for my fun and enjoyment. Yet Hagerty’s constant harping on monetizing cars is distressing so maybe I am a dinosaur.

The Plymouth has seen it’s days already. I know someone with half a dozen mid '50s Pontiacs and he can’t get rid of them. The 77-79 Thunderbird? It may have sold back then but it is still overwrought now as it was then. I wouldn’t pay $4650 for a #3 car and not many others would either.


TERRIBLE handling, miserable brakes, vibration so bad that hands would go numb in about 2 miles and rear tail light would burn out in a hundred miles and the sound so irritating that ear plugs had to be worn. Like a hand grenade was about to go off between your legs. And I could not wait to get back on …