Don’t miss these 10 Porsches at the 2019 Arizona auctions


The Scottsdale auctions are fast approaching. Unlike Pebble Beach and Amelia Island, Scottsdale is about pure retail commerce—no vintage racing, no concours, no concept cars, just gavels banging non-stop at no less than seven auctions taking place throughout the Valley of the Sun. In preparation, we’ve called out 10 Porsches that we’ll be watching closely. Here’s why they’re on our radar.

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The 914 could be Delphi Green but there is also a Metallic Saturn Yellow a limited edition paint color on 1974 cars. It looks green but that was the name on my car. I sold my 914 for $4000 and I never thought I would see the day when the red headed step child of the Porsche world would bring this kind of money.


That is a very pretty green 911. Too bad it’s a ‘66 model year not ‘65. PCA recognizes after August1965 built cars as 1966 model year.


500E with the “Porsche V8,” eh? You mean suspension?