Double take: 7 cars with recycled nameplates


I’m unfamiliar with the Atlas’ you mentioned, but the British produced a Norton Atlas motorcycle. And a motorcycle company called AMC, producing AJS, Matchless, & Norton.


What’s a Matador? (from the AMC commercials of the era)


Mazda 323, BMW 323
Dodge Durango and Chevy S10 Durango
Ferrari GTO, Mitsubishi GTO, Pontiac GTO
Shelby Cobra, Ford Mustang SVT Cobra
Shelby Cobra Daytona, Dodge Charger Daytona, Ferrari Daytona, Studebaker Daytona
Chevy and Ram Both name their trucks 1500, 2500, 3500, etc.


Austin Atlantic and Bugatti Atlantique


Chevrolet Nomad and Plymouth Nomad. Both used the name in the 1950’s for their 2 door station wagons. Note that Plymouth wagon pictured is a 2 door. Could it be a Nomad, not a Suburban? In other references I seen the Plymouth Suburban was a 4 door.


Bran new for 2019 Cadillac XT6…Subaru XT6 sold from '86-'92


How about the Honda Odyssey ATV and the Honda Odyssey minivan.j


Or, the Honda Passport SUV, and the Honda (C70) Passport step-thru.


Renault and Buick Encores - both dumpy- and frumpy-looking. So, there’s that…


Plymouth Superbird and Denny’s Superbird.


I guess its like having so many cities with the same names…Springfield for one of them…Its hard to bring back a name like Charger when you oldest memory of one was in the 70’s and the lame attempt to call a front wheel drive Horizon with a turbocharged 4 cylinder one…LOL If that’s wasn’t funny enough, when both Chrysler and Dodge badged a Neon… Oh Well!!!..My dad had a 1969 Plymouth station wagon that had the SUBURBAN name also fixed to the sides of it…I guess if you don’t pattered the name anyone can use it when you don’t need it any longer


Note the NEON was both Dodge and Plymouth admitting they were selling the same car, with only minor trim differences, at the same time. While think of Suburban and Nomad today as model names from GMs prominence in their use, in reality they were originally an attempt to create a new category of model. Much like Depot Hack and Station Wagon before them, and SUV and Cross Over today.


Dodge Sierra and GMC Sierra


Best example of this would be Edsel with cars named Pacer, Ranger, Corsair & Citation and wagons named Villager & Bermuda. With the exception of Bermuda, every name was reused…Pacer(AMC), Ranger(Ford trucks), Corsair(English Ford), Citation(Chevy), Villager(Mercury)