Dream Garage: With $100K in your pocket, what keys are on your ring?

Happy Collector Car Appreciation Day! While you’re not likely to get off work, your town won’t have a parade, and the Post Office will still be open, Collector Car Appreciation Day is an official holiday recognized by resolutions in both the House and the Senate. The purpose is to “raise awareness of the vital role automotive restoration and collection plays in American society.”

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If I suddenly had $100k play money, I’d build a properly equipped, heated, and cooled GARAGE!

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Since the article states the garage is included…
Real 914-6 (not conversion) about $60K and either a very early gen2 TransAm or Firebird or a gen2 Bronco (that I might need to do a coyote conversion).

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I got bored about a month ago and shopped on craigslist for the 4 cars I would buy if I had $100,000 to spend. I ended up with:
1964 Mercury Colony Park for $21,000
1965 Volvo P1800 for $19,500
1956 Continental MkII for $29,000 &
1965 Mustang Fastback 289 4spd for $28,000

I still wouldn’t be going to the track, and I would certainly be due for some difficult maintenance issues, but the garage would be a beautiful sight.

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This may go over $100k, but I already have a small start:

  1. have 1990 e30 325i
  2. have 2000 s2000
  3. want 2012 Boss302 Laguna Seca
  4. want 1989 Trans AM GTA
  5. want 1989 e30 M3
    Over $100k? More than likely, but one can dream.

This is an easy one. 1967 Corvette roadster. You can pick up a high quality driver with a non matching engine for around 50k, then I would spend the other 50k restomoding it to my taste, all aluminum big block, gear venders overdrive on the Muncie 4spd, aftermarket suspension, steering and brakes, custom wheel and tire package and an upgraded cooling system and wiring.

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i’m too old to be tinkering on old cars all the time. 2019 GT350 & 1963 Galaxie 500 fastback or 1964 Mercury Marauder fastback.

Nostalgia be damned…Hellcat !
Maybe a '67 442 driver with the change from the hundred.

1901-07 Curved Dash Oldsmobile and as many Pontiac Firebird Firehawks as I can get for the remainder of the dough.

I would want to acquire a a 1948-49 Packard Woody Wagon. I suppose I would have to spend between 60-70 K to get a nice one. Second, I would add a Datsun Fairlady-1964. I had one in high school and would like to add one to my collection. If any funds were left, I would look for a 55 Mercury Montery hardtop convertible. Had one of those too.

I’ll tell you exactly what I would buy . A Cobra Daytona Coupe and a GT40 , both being replicas, so I could enjoy driving them !! I’ve got a Cobra ,and enjoy it very much !

1967 Ford Fairlane GTA, 4 speed manual, fully restored with heads modified for no-lead gas. Any money left over would be spent on One Last Big Road Trip.

Great question! I currently have 11 cars. But here is a nice group to make up around 100K!
77 Smokey and the Bandit T/A ( currently have 2 75 T/A’s auto & stick)
73 Corvette (I have one - I think this is the nicest design of ALL years!)
70-74 Challenger OR Cuda (I have 2 Challengers - 70 convertible and 74)
66 Mustang coupe (I have an 88 5-speed)
In good condition that should get you around 100K! And note I have chosen 4 different makes. In my personal collection of 11 cars I have 7 different makes, yes I like all kind of cars!

100K is an odd amount of money - not enough for an exotic collectible, but too much for more mundane vintage cars.

I’d say that a Ferrari Testarossa at 90K (keep 10K for repair bills) could be a good buy. For handling purists I’d say that a BMW M3 E30 plus a Lotus Exige would add up to about 100K for two track-day classics.

I’d have to go with a 1977 Pontiac Trans Am SE, a 1968 Chevrolet Camaro, and if there was any cash left over, a 1987 Buick Grand National. Guess I like my GM muscle even if I’m spending fictional money.

I would buy a Ferrari F355 GTS and have enough money left over to cover the next engine out major service. Hold on, that’s exactly what I did this year! :slightly_smiling_face:

$100,000 is a nice investment but make sure your dream car(s) is/are fairly rock solid and keep plenty in reserve just in case something does break or wear out. Remember, off the shelf parts for some cars, can get scarce and expensive especially one-offs, short runs, odd balls or some foreign makes and models.

One more thing, do we get 100K for the most creative answer?

53 or 54 Studebaker Commander Starliner, Jaguar MK2, MGB GT, 65 Riviera. All beautiful, all the time.

64 Impala SS
93-97 Mazda RX7
And to keep things practical a new 2019 Chevy Silverado.