Drove 240 miles round trip, didn’t buy the car

What’s the farthest you’ve gone and not bought the car?

Last night my friend and I drove 120 miles each way, to the worst city in Colorado, Pueblo.

The car was a 2007 Pontiac Solstice GXP. I did a PPI and it passed. I got there and the car was in great shape. Good paint. No leaks. Brand new top. It was a good car.

I had the cash in my pocket and was about to buy it but decided to probably should drive it beforehand.

I drove it about 3 miles and hated it so much. The suspension was terrible. The 260hp turbo engine felt closer to 150hp and you couldn’t even feel the turbo. The brakes were lackluster. It was just the most disappointing car I’ve ever driven. I wasn’t expecting Miata or S2000 quality, but man, it wasn’t even fun to drive that 2 door, 2 seat turbo roadster.

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I have had it happen. Drive for three hours to pass on a deal. My wife wanted a solstice when they first come out. I am kinda glad we didn’t get one. Yours is not the only negative review of that car.

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I can say I have borrowed dad’s truck to pull a friends trailer with my project car on it 3 hours down the road to find the motorcycle I was going to trade it for was garbage.

That Saturday was full of lessons, only a few of which I have repeated in the 10 years since.

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Wasted 8 hours on a round trip helping a friend to look at a 70 C10 that the online representation of made it look like a reasonable deal at the 5k asking (you’re not expecting perfect at 5k).

It was a perforated with rust, bad repairs on top of bad repairs, mangled mess of a truck that you’d be crazy to spend more than $1000 on and then you’d better be desperate for the few usable things that were there.

However, it was a great road trip with my friend.