Duesenberg Model J: Greatest car of the 1920s


As Classic Car Appreciation Day (July 13) approaches, we’ll be counting down each day with the greatest vehicle of each decade, from the earliest days of the automobile to the present. It’s by no means a final, definitive, for-all-time list, so please weigh in—respectfully—in the Forums with your comments, endorsements, and disagreements. Today: the 1920s.

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“Nowhere on the car do you find the name Duesenberg.” Oh yeah? What about the nameplate on the radiator pictured in the article? 1929-Duesenberg-Model-J-10


@vrexrider - Sharp eye. The quote comes from an article Duesenberg had written as promotion in period. It is possible a given coach builder could add the nameplate in the fabrication of the body, but Duesenberg was not known to place branding on the chassis prior to delivery to the coach builders.


I see. The irony was just too good to pass up.

I have really enjoyed this series. It takes guts to put these out there like chum in the water. I may have put the T in for the 10’s since it’s impact and development as a phenomenon really took off then, but what to do with the Rolls? Perhaps put it in the naughty oughties where it fits at least as well as the T and find another 1890’s candidate.

Happy Classic Day!