Early T-BIRD in Houston?


Hi; This is my first time on a Hagerty forum, though I have been a member for 3 years. My daughter’s friend’s granddad bought an early THUNDERBIRD as his first car when he was 18 years old. The contracts back then must have been easier to get out of, as his mom took one look at it and sent him back to the dealer to return it! 60+ years later that return is still one of his life’s regrets. He now is an old man and has cancer. I am hoping to find someone in the Houston area who owns such a car and who would be willing to surprise him with a visit and a spin in it. He lives in Montgomery. I think this will be really big. Thank You.


Hello - and good luck to your “Step Grand=Dad”… I had a 1957 show up for a ride back in 1968 , what a cute “mini” version of the '57 Fairlane !


Thanks; I am still looking for a Good Samaritan who wants to show off his T-BIRD…