eBay Find - 1991 Alfa Romeo 164


1991 Alfa Romeo 164

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I just picked up (few months back) a 1993 Alfa Romeo 164L. I wasn’t (getting better as I do my research) familiar with the Alfa Romeo other than the Spider’s you see running around but ran into this one, read the description, and yes it is RED…so made the deal, hooked up the trailer, made the drive from Ohio to Chicago and BANG, she’s sitting in the garage waiting for spring. What I’m finding out is that they were cars way ahead of their times; heated seats, heated/tinted outside mirrors; full leather and hey (had to research to find out what this was); it has an accessible compartment via the trunk that holds a…ready for this…a “Ski Sock”…now I’m not a skier but this looks like it will be great for, oh let’s say a few 2 X 4s on my way back from Home Depot, or my “fly fishing rod” that really doesn’t break down that much. Anyway; looking forward to driving her and I think based on the production numbers, especially the 1993 models, these are or will be soon a sought after, investment collectible. Nice to see Hagerty doing an article on them.