Ebay find Impala Wagon


Family transporters have gone through plenty of popularity swings over the years. Station wagons used to be the default option for family trips. Based primarily on rear-wheel-drive, body-on-frame platforms, they could tow motorhomes or boats, cruise comfortably, and carry kids with their necessary detritus while providing drivers the feel of a normal sedan or muscle car.

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I am hopping back on the wagon bandwagon. Just picked up this 1967 Country Squire 428. Factory air, power windows, 8 passenger. Has not run since 1983.

Insured with Hagerty of course!


What a find!

I am sucker for good wood paneling. Combine that with a 428 and you’ve got a great hot rod wagon.

What are your plans with it? Be sure to start a thread in the Ford section here so we can all keep up with the progress!


Due to the low production off the 428 equipped wagons, I will be preserving as much as possible. Get it mechanically sound and keep it as original as I can as it has the original paint etc.


I have been looking for a Station Wagon with a factory four speed for some time. Kinda gave up two years ago and bought a 1962 Impala four door sedan with a 327 and a factory four speed. Recently however I was crusing the cars for sale at the Fall Jefferson Meet and found a 1964 Nova Station Wagon with a 283 and a factory four speed. It even had a rare factory in dash Tachometer. The folks that have seen it since I bought it seem almost as excited as I am with it. Wagon’s Rock