eBay Find of the Week: 1954 Buick Super Riviera coupe


It’s auction week in Arizona, but the Internet keeps throwing us more automotive temptations. While Hagerty has dozens of team members focused on watching and documenting the big sales in Scottsdale and Phoenix, some of us avowed bottom-feeders are looking online for some local bargains.

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Sure looks like a 1953, to me!


Get your eyes checked. It is a 54. I had a 54 Roadmaster 72R - all grilles for this year were identical, and the last year for the vertical bar grill. The Roadmaster had 4 holes.


I had a 2-dr Special coupe in that color combo… paid $65 for it and sold it a couple months later for $65… it had a V8 that allegedly put out 87 (IIRC)Hp… it also had 3 on the tree…


You may be thinking of the 54 Skylark, that had chrome rear fender fins.


You may be thinking of the 54 Skylark, that had small chrome fins on the rear fenders. Not the bullets, like the 53 and carried over in 54 to the Riviera