eBay Find of the Week: 1969 Mercury Cougar Eliminator


Mercury Cougars don’t get nearly the attention enjoyed by their Mustang cousins. While the Ford pony car is an American icon, Mercury is now an orphaned brand. Looking at this 1969 Cougar Eliminator, equipped with a 428 Cobra Jet engine, it’s hard to understand why.

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In December of 2009 it was listed on eBay by the owner, a private collector, out of Pittsburg, PA. It had been restored by Don Barry Mustangs of Jacksonville Florida. It was relisted several times.
The listing details do not mention whether or not the drivetrain is numbers-matching. The interior is described as original except for the carpet and headliner.

In June 2010 it was a Hemming “find of the day”…
In late 2010 it was no longer listed and presumably sold around that time.

It reappears in Florida in 2015, when the owner began to try and sell the car through word of mouth.
In 2017 the same owner has listed the car for sale, possibly through a dealer.

There were 53 Eliminators built in 1969 with the Bright Yellow paint, Black high-back bucket seat interior, a 428CJ Ram-Air engine and C6 Automatic transmission. Of those 53 cars, the Eliminator Registry currently records only 19 of them (i.e. “known to exist”), including this one.

Mike B.
Eliminator Owner and Enthusiast