eBay Find of the Week: 1981 Volkswagen Pickup


From time to time, our eBay Find of the Week sparks discussion about extinct body styles. For example, personal luxury coupes and family wagons now seem like relics. Another seemingly extinct specimen? The small pickup truck.

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I had the opportunity to take a diesel swapped VW pickup for a spin a few years ago. While not “sporty” with that little diesel, it was pulling down 40-50mpg and was comfortable.

Really cool designs, I like seeing them in the great shape that the one featured is in.


I’m not aware of any water-cooled Volkswagen engines that had pushrods.


Volkswagen Auto Group, VAG, produced a 1.8 liter water cooled pushrod engine in the late sixties for the audi 80 and audi 100 LS. This was enlarged to a 1.9 Liter for the 100 LS coupe.

Here is a hemings URL where you can see the engine in a 100 LS coupe.

Audi 100 S Coupe, with pushrod water cooled 4 cyl engine