eBay Find of the Week: 1991 Honda Beat


Other than the Mazda Miata, the basic, simple sports car is all but eradicated from modern roads. Even the Miata is relatively large compared to some of the other small sports cars once available. Spitfires, Elans, Midgets, and Sprites haven’t been in U.S. showrooms for years, since safety regulations and changing consumer tastes left them behind.

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The inside of this car looks brand new! As a Beat owner, I can definitely testify that they’re a ton of fun. As long as you’re okay with turning 6000 rpm at highway speeds. Oil filters are a standard Honda size, available in every auto parts store, and there’s a good network of owners and importers for the parts that need to be sourced from Japan. The biggest item of preventative maintenance is the timing belt - the Beat has an interference engine - and parts related to that job like water pump. Otherwise they run fairly reliably. I’m working through a broken ECU right now, but that’s another story.