eBay Find of the Week: Is this 1981 DeLorean DMC-12 in your future?


Everyone knows the DeLorean. And it may be solely for the model’s leading role in Back to the Future. It seems many owners have embraced the car’s status as a pop icon; the seller of this week’s eBay listing certainly did with his personalized TIMEKAR plate. Why pretend otherwise? Might as well preempt the inevitable joke. At least it’s a joke about time travel rather than the 1980s drug trade (A reminder: John DeLorean was acquitted. Sadly, it was too late to save the brand).

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Production lasted about 20 months give or take which covered effectively 2 model years ('81 & '82). There were so many cars left over on sales lots after the company ceased production and leading into the start of the '83 model year, that DMC made a decision to simply re-VIN all remaining unsold '82s as an '83 model year. The thinking was that the cars were hard enough to sell and if buyers knew they were really just getting a left over '82 model car that’s been sitting around for over a year, they would be even harder to sell. All “1983” DMCs were built as 1982 models and later had their VIN tags updated to be 1983 model year cars and sold as such.


By the way, the model name for all DeLorean cars was just “DMC”, not “DMC-12”.