eBay Find of the Week: Orphaned-brand Saturn is still out of this world


In the context of collector cars, Saturn doesn’t come up very often. The GM brand’s first cars hit the market for the 1990 model year, so early examples are certainly old enough to meet almost any such definition. But are any Saturns worth a second look?

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Oh, I had forgotten about those motorized shoulder belts for the front seats until I looked at these photos again. That was the cheap way to meet burgeoning airbag requirements in the early 1990s. I have no idea what the NHTSA was thinking on that one. It really meant that a lot of people simply forgot to fasten their lap belts.


I had a 2001 SW2 Saturn wagon with a manual transmission. I just sold it last year with 242,000 miles and it was still going strong! I used it to get plenty of supplies at Home Depot and carry my two rottweilers everywhere. Even though the wagon was a grandma car, it NEVER let me down AND I was getting 38-39 MPG. Couldn’t have asked for a better car!!


I have a '95 SC2 that looks like this one. Red, leather, sunroof. I bought her in Oct. 95 with 11,000 miles. She now has 220,000. She guzzles a bit more oil now, so I have to be vigilant. She also has a tranny issue: No shifting from drive to reverse without pausing briefly in neutral so she can “get her bearings.” She is still way fun to drive, like the day I bought her 22 years ago! And no car payments for 20 years! She is now my “second” car as my CR-V is my workhorse. Overall, a great little car!


Still rocking my 97 SC2, she’s stripped down to 1900 LBS now and last dyno was just over 220 hp. Such a fun and silly car. She’s been faithful for the last 5 years and stayed reliable throughout the various bastardization of the engine and suspension modifications.


My first Saturn was a SC1 2002 and she was black on black sleek looking sporty car. I had her till my kids outgrew her and I researched Saturn cars, I wanted another one just bigger. I found a 2008 Saturn Aura XR with only 48,000 miles on her. She is the most luxury car I have ever owned! She has so many bells and whistles, I enjoy driving her every time I drive her. I get a lot of looks ( double takes even) asking if that’s a Saturn… I always look at the symbol on the front and I say yup lol. I tinted her windows , adding a Bluetooth, nagivation and backup camera here in a few months. She is so pretty !


Hi I have a 2002 Saturn SL-1 it’s my grocery getter. I get 42 MPG on the highway. can’t complain about that. It’s worth a second look.


I am convinced these were among the best cars ever made.
Evidently they will drive just fine no oil in the engine or air in the tires, as was proven by my wife! (1997 SC2)


Dear tsaris,
I won’t go that far, an engine without oil is doomed. It won’t last but a couple of minutes. the oil not only lubricated the rotating parts but cools them off . you 'll know it when a rod starts banging against the crankcase.


Saturn has such a strong following in Michigan. I was amazed when i relocated from further south to find that many of the persons my age had first cars from Saturn. I guess the whole plastic body thing had a good selling point in the rust belt!