eCOPO Camaro runs 9s for the first time


All of you who questioned the bonafides of the wild all-electric eCOPO Camaro dragster can officially shut up. The car peeled off a 9.837-second pass last weekend. And yes, it happened in competition at a sanctioned event, thank you very much.

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Honestly I find it easier to believe the ET than to believe that the car didn’t shred the drive line on the launch. I did an EV conversion or two in college and because the EV community is a really cool part of the greater car community I got to drive a lot of EV’s, they all had one thing in common and that was unbelievable launch. Then they went really slow. Don’t believe me, next time you rent an electric golf cart that will only go 15 MPH push the pedal to the floor at a dead stop and see.


It’s about time! Electric vehicle drag racing has been around for awhile, especially on the west coast, but it doesn’t seem to be getting any respect. They have their own association - the National Electric Drag Racing Association - and a quick glance at their website shows 1/4 mile times in the mid 9’s and top speeds as high as 170 MPH. Electric vehicle drag racing offers unique challenges, but should be an exciting opportunity for hot rodders to conquer new challenges. I’m looking for the hot-rodding press to cover more on electric vehicle racing - and to encourage hot rodders to get into it!


I was at the Winter Nationals in Pomona when the Camaro ran. It was strange to hear just the tires grip and rip. NO engine noise. The quietest 9 second run I didn’t hear. For me, this will take some time to get use to.

Negative - No reason to go to the pits. No engine teardown and nitro burning your eyes.

The Positive - At least I would expect all the cars to make a run and not shut down.


Quick but very boring.


Boring because they don’t make noise? The feds are discussing adding “noisemakers” to electric vehicles so pedestrians hear them coming. Maybe electric racers need there own “noisemaker” - that plays a big honkin’ Hemi exhaust as it goes down the track!


@paul_nawrocki - After hearing the siren of the VW going up Pikes Peak (on its way to a record no less), I am fine with noisemakers-so long as they don’t sound annoying. A Hemi is not annoying.


That’s like having sex with a partner that makes no noise… BORING!

THIS is drag racing:
Cobras at the Strip


Did you just compare the performance of a golf cart to something like a Tesla???


@427SC - But the eCOPO did best that nitrous-huffing small-block by two tenths. Looks like the Cobra couldn’t hook up for two gears though.


OK, Kyle, but again, would you rather sleep with a dead-fish chick, or one that was a screamer?
The outcome is the same, isn’t it? But which is more fun?

Also, proper Cobras (with Big Blocks) don’t need to be bottle fed.
Mine isn’t, and with street tires I’m in the very-low 11’s (which after running sub-11.5 they tell me I have to leave the strip because I don’t have a full “cage” in the car)…
The ability to get the tires to hook up has a lot to do with it…
Quite frankly, Teslas run in the 10’s too, but which car is more likely to get you laid…?
Yes, it’s ALL about sex; ask Freud… LoL…


In our lifetime the fuel burners will be the exhibition cars and the racing will be “alternative” fueled vehicles. You’ll get used to it and will be amazed at the times they lay down and how drivers will have to wear G suits to keep their blood from pooling in their butt !


Back when I was a kid, we used to put playing cards in the rear spokes of our Schwinn Stingray, held on with a wood clothes pin to make them sound badass. This might work on a larger scale if you picked the right spokes for your new eCOPO Camaro.

The future is here and to an extent, those eCars are going to put the combustion engines to shame, but I’ll take something that rumbles any old day.


Now this is fast!!! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0lnEjOuQGBc&app=desktop

They say that various forms of CNG (Compressed Natural Gas) is one of the least expensive methods of developing power! I haven’t kept up with the current cost of replacing batteries but it was the reason you’d see older electric cars offered for cheap!


Ok it’s fast as it is boring to the point of a coma. Line up about 25 electrics and the crowd at the gate is going to be headed in the wrong direction. When they wake up.
What if you build some hydrogen powered cars that are fast and loud?


No, I stated the fact that if an EV has a top speed of 200 or 15 the takeoff power is a lot more than you might expect.