Edit Posting Capability


How does one edit a post they have made? If it does not exist, it should!


@oldsd88 at the bottom of your post you should see a little pencil icon. Click on that and you can edit the post.




While I hear you, it simply is not the case. All I see on my post is a heart and a link. Do feel free to have a look for yourself - https://forums.hagerty.com/t/for-sale-1962-oldsmobile-dynamic-88-convertible/4700

While I have you, this also seems to be in error: When I click on my member name at the top left of my message I get info about the post. It says the message was “Posted 23 hours ago.” Yet, the date on the actual post is “Oct 17,” hardly 23 hours ago?


Looks like no answers to your edit question. Humm!