Electric sheep and the secret nightmare of clean pollution

This is true; however, the real blame of the backup camera comes to the modern car designers.

The older cars that most of us on the forum tend to favor have huge transparent surface areas for the “greenhouse” the top portion of the car that contains the front and rear windshields, and the side windows as well…

Modern cars tend to have a lopsided greenhouse… More transparent surface area in the front, with a sometimes ridiculously miniscule amount in the back… I guess, some people like this style, but me, I’m not a fan of it.

Some would tell you to try sat radio, but that’s a lot of $$ and some of the more popular channels are on a semi permanent repeat setting; and have their own in-band commercials where they advertise other channels on the channel you are currently listening to!

The last time I checked the AM band, I either got the farm report or the oldies. I hear it is now the domain of talk radio, so there may not be any joy to be had there.

As far as the “wisdom” of federal mandated safety business, look no further than the law that repealed glass headlight lenses in the U.S. They got replaced with plastic ones… Plastic oxidizes way faster than glass, so now you see yellow headlight lenses pretty much wherever you go. Furthermore; I kind of liked the style of the glass headlight lenses on cars.

Sure, maybe broken plastic is a little safer than broken glass…

But, who are they kidding anyway, right?


Excellent points all and my beef with those proposing a green plan that is not thought through. I just want to reply to taking the risk on nuclear. It’s just too damm expensive. About ten years ago three new plants were started. South Texas project has since been cancelled and license withdrawn. The project in South Carolina has about bankrupted Toshiba and Southern Electric. The one that remains ongoing is Vogtle in Georgia and it is iffy, wrought with engineering and construction issues.

I agree, propane was the short-term solution. If it had been done 10 years ago you could of had a very large percentage of the current vehicle fleet breathing 27% cleaner vs. 2% that is electric. Since that 2% is mostly high-end luxury cars I think we’d be at the same spot without the subsidies having gone that way --so we could of had the propane in the meantime + the 2% while the hybrid-electric thing gains steam towards something eventually better (that might not even be electric).

I don’t know… some sources say solar panels contain lead, cadmium and chromium.

Read longterm test reviews of current electric vehicles --people are seeing range drop offs after a few years. Battery pack replacements currently would make these vehicles scrap value before they wear out the rest of the components. If this is hard-legislated then the cost of vehicle ownership is going to skyrocket, which isn’t a problem if we all live in congregated cities I guess.

Others math it out that they are more waste per Watt than nuclear.

The performance dynamic of electric powertrains is impressive. Immediate full power at the wheels is undeniable. Granted a modern minivan beats must 1960s muscle in all performance categories if one actually looks at in-era data.