Electric vs. Gas operating costs

Hello all,

I ran across this interesting article recently:

In which, it compares the Total Cost of Ownership of a new Toyota Corolla to a new Tesla Model 3. The author had a google spreadsheet comparing cost of maintenance/upkeep and depreciation of not only the new Corolla, but other new models as well.

He was handy enough to include the link, so I made a copy, downloaded it to excel, and though I would have fun putting the classic and not so classic vehicles in the Davis livery up to see whether or not I am paying more to run them than if I magically had a Tesla Model 3 instead.

I haven’t totally finished my calculations, but the rankings are thus, from cheapest to operate in the livery to most expensive to operate:

1st Place: 69 VW Beetle Semiauto (yay, Herbie!)
A Close Second: 80 VW Rabbit Pickup (Old Blue was only edged out by a matter of about a thousand bucks.)
Respectable, but not too distant 3rd place: 63 Chevy Corvair Convertible (technically, it’s my son’s)
5th place, and dead last, but perhaps dead last in style: 04 Lincoln Navigator (my wife’s. Came in DEAD LAST, but no surprises there, that thing is a behemoth and wasn’t sold for economy’s sake.

In 4th place, believe it or not, is the Tesla Model 3 (if it were in my livery, unfortunately, money is a real thing for me, so it isn’t.)

Again, these are all preliminary findings on my part (I am not modifying any of the Tesla’s costs, since I don’t own one. For those interested, I can post a google drive link, perhaps of my spreadsheet, if you want to compare your own classic’s with a Tesla…

Or, download it and check the guy’s (or even my own) math out. Perhaps Herbie isn’t cheaper to run than a Tesla. But I know which I would rather be behind the wheel of.

And, it should be said, all of the costs associated with the other non-Tesla vehicles in my sheet come from the harsh mistress of experience, so those are real-world figures.