Electro-hydraulic power steering question

I’m in the process of building a resto-mod, utilizing a Mustang power steering rack. The engine is a 3.4 1994 Camaro V6. There is no room to run the A/C compressor in the stock location, low on the passenger side, so I am looking at re-locating it to the upper driver’s side where the power steering pump is located.

Therefore, I am looking at using an electric power steering pump, as used on some Volvos, Mazdas, and Toyotas. I tried Flaming River, who make an electric power steering unit, but I have no room to fit it, and all I really need from their kit is the control unit. The car is pretty light, in the 24-2600 lb range. What I want to be able to do is turn on the power steering pump when in low speed situations, and control the speed of the pump. Unfortunately, FR will not sell anything but the full kit, so I am hoping someone here can point me to a system that might function. I need to be able to turn the pump on and off, and regulate the speed of the pump. I do not really think I’ll need the power steering at speed, so plan on turning it off once out of parking areas. I currently have an older backup car that has non-functioning power rack & pinion steering, and once over about 5mph, everything is fine, but parking is a major PITA.