Emissions inspection NJ

I have a ROUSH Supercharged Mustang and having issues in NJ passing inspection. Car is currently running a performance TUNE and the inspection is flagging it as “not ready” to inspect. I believe due to this iTSX TUNE file installed. I want to know if Hagerty Collector Car Insurance, less than 5000mi per year, with a modified engine will exempt me from emissions in NJ. Or do I have to reflash / install the lean-down tune file to be able to successfully run it through NJ inspection? TIA! Chris

Hey Chris:

Based on some quick research, being insured with Hagerty will not solely exempt your Roush from emissions inspection.

It looks like it would be best to start at the the state of New Jersey, as they have a page on its website listing how to qualify for an exception. Based on the facts sheet it also made available, depending on the other modification made to your Roush it should qualify but you will need to file an application with the state to be certain.

Be sure to let us know how it goes, as it might help another Hagerty member in your situation!

Hey Kyle I appreciate the quick response and info. I’ll check the NJ DMV and follow up to see where I’m at. And post back after I find out! Cool thanks, Chris

Went with the custom TUNE and detuned it for NJ emissions inspection. And then retuned it with the ROUSH performance TUNE! All went well and I am good for 2yrs now!! :sunglasses::star_struck::sunglasses: