Endurance rally - The Great Race test more than just human endurance | Hagerty Article


The ladies tasted victory today when the Hagerty girls’ team beat the boys’ team for the first time. Team Tabetha Salsbury and Kacy Smith came in just at one minute off the perfect score and my navigator Davin Reckow and I finished at 1:48 off the perfect score. Ironically, considering everything we’ve been through to this point, Stage 4 should have been an easy day. Much of the route was on the same single-lane road with minimal turns and the majority of the maneuvers were simple speed changes. Apparently my navigator and I don’t do as well driving in a straight line! I did realize that long stretches without any maneuvers are more difficult than moments with lots of maneuvers because it is easier to lose focus. When you lose focus during a long stretch you can miss a simple maneuver that will cost you time.

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