Enormous 200-car barn find up for no-reserve auction

VanDerBrink auctions has yet another barn-find-style auction on its hands with the James Graham Collection sale slated for this weekend. There are so many classic ’30s, ’40s, ’50, and ’60s American cars and trucks that VanDerBrink didn’t even bother counting them all; it only noted that there are somewhere around 200 cars and trucks up for grabs, and nearly 75 of them are convertibles.

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Article about an upcoming auction posted the day after it’s over?

fridays, spot on! ???

You wrote the article Aug 8, last auction day was Aug 10. Hmmmmmm. I did have my eye
on one of the parts cars, which had only 4 photos and zero description. Since it went for $1,100, not a great miss-out. Obviously, the key is BEING ON SITE - lesson learned. Selling
prices overall are very high…

That’s kinda of a bummer for folks who wanted to bid

I noticed another automotive staple is using the same news source and no one checks for errors or monitors the info, very unprofessional!

@SCLSQDS - Can you share the errors in our article with us? We would be happy to review any correction suggestions.

I have not been recording them, but this one being listed 2 days after the auction? One that was pointed out by people; new C8 Corvette debut 7/18 missing the 8 was in red for the C8 and giving the wrong date!! That may have been corrected, but no one proof reads?

@SCLSQDS - This article was posted two days prior to the auction ending (August 8th post date). It was included after the fact in the daily newsletter we send out, which I can see how that would lead to confusion.

We work to keep accuracy and timeliness at the forefront of everything we do, but mistakes do happen and we work to fix them as quickly as possible. Don’t hesitate to point any errors out with a comment though, we always appreciate folks like yourself helping keep the spread of mis-information or errors to a minimum.

Today is Monday and this just showed up in my email, oh well

They are missing that point for some reason, even if someone got it Friday could they have made arrangements to attend that fast?

Showed up in my email TODAY, AFTER it is over!.. POOR planning and communication. I would’v flown out or at the very least did online bidding.

Keep up the good work Kyle, you saved me a lot of money having it posted 3 days after the auction.

Another hoarder dies off and the family auctions them all off. Seen this a few times. I think this will be a new trend thanks to the hoarding baby boomers as they just cant have enough stuff. Hopefully it gets the cars a good home and not just to the next barn to sit.

I would have loved to attend. However, I probably needed about 2 months notice. Who do I complain to about that?

After attending the Lambrecht auction, I hope the Van derBrink auction house has gotten their “feces coagulated” since then. Lambrecht was poorly planned and executed. You couldn’t get close to to the vehicles if you had wanted to bid on them. They did manage to generate a lot hype and make themselves an inordinate amount of money. Buyer’s remorse ran rampant afterwards. Watching some of the Lambrecht vehicles come across the stage of Barrett Jackson recently was sad…another kick to the pills for people who thought they were going to make their money back. No go.

While I insure vehicles with Hagerty I would expect more timely reporting of auctions. My wife thanks you very much as the savings account is still full.