Esquire’s 1972 predictions for “Instant Classics” was right on the money


The carefree, prerecycling days of the 1970s provided curbside nirvana for a young garbage picker such as myself. On a weekly basis, any number of perfectly good things were available if you could manage to beat your nemesis, the garbage man. The primary focus of my foraging was always old car magazines. At a time of malaise in the auto industry, there was nothing exciting to read about in contemporary rags. So a good old Tom McCahill road test or vintage issue of Road & Track was garbage-pile gold.

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$5,000 in 1972 is roughly $30,000 today. What are the “future classics” that can be purchased for $30k right now? Top of my list would be a 2012 or 2013 Mustang Boss 302. Limited production and arguably the most balanced Mustang at the time it was released.