Europeans are buying American classic cars by the boatload

Back in around 2015 I hooked in with a guy in Amsterdam, and he was literally buying classics by the boat load and bringing them over to Europe. This was out of NYC, and he was paying $900 a car in transport fees. He must have bought 25 or so cars through me, and I was one of many people he had inspecting cars for him here in the states. Last I heard he now strictly deals in Mustangs. I have sold a 1961 300G to Australia, a 1970 Riviera to Argentina, a 71 Ford F100 to Belgium, the list goes on. People will tell you where you can and can’t sell your car, but those people are the same ones who will offer $1000 for your car and act like they are doing you a favor.

BWe are headed towards an electric future, probably within the next 20 years. No more internal combustion engines. As much as I love my C2 Corvette and Sierra Denali, they are gazing at their sunset. Let’s face it, if we don’t clean up our act on this planet, Mother Earth is going to get rid of us. Weather patterns are getting more screwed up every year and parts of this planet are becoming uninhabitable. I hope that I am wrong, but we do need to put the odds in our favor.

Oh. I see. Well, as it is said in the off Broadway play “Beyond the Fringe” Now is the end. Parish the world! “That is Greenwich mean time, isn’t it?”

Do you still have his contact info. I am thinking of selling my 68 Mustang California Special.

Anybody have an recommendations on how to let the overseas guys know you have a car for sale. Thanks.

No doubt there are many American classics being sold internationally, but am I the only one finding it odd that the pictures in the article of American classics are mostly of European designed and built vehicles?

“The majority of classic cars shipped to Europe are American” - interesting that every car pictured is European, except for the rusty Packard…


Don’t worry, once we have $10+ gas and socialized healthcare and guaranteed basic income, the Climate Change hand wringing and animosity towards the ICE will die down, just has it has in Europe.

China and India will continue to spew greenhouse gases as they have been.


I buy and sell classic Chevy Trucks (mostly projects) and parts and I personally dont care who is buying as long as they are being saved . I have never sold one over seas but have no problem doing so if it comes to be . Im all about saving Classic Chevy Trucks . Antone interested shoud look up Whitlock Garage on YouTube , my partners channel and United By Trucks , we have a lot of fun and meet a lot of new friends by playing with old trucks .

I used West Coast Shipping to bring my Bricklin SV1 to the UK from California. Really helpful, knowledgable and the whole process went smoothly. Now I need to get my Aston from the UK to Quail Lodge for the concours. Will need a quote pronto

Yeah I sold my 70 El Camino to a dealer in Belgium in September. He offered a better price than anyone here, and was so pleasant to deal with.


I bought my 1987 Cobretti Viper V-8 (Shelby/AC Cobra replica) in 2001 in the UK and shipped it to Baltimore and, since it was originally built for a Spanish customer, it was LHD. It was an easy thing to do and not that expensive. I negotiated the asking price down to a delivered price in Baltimore and picked it up a couple of months later.

I could be very wrong, but I don’t think the internal combustion engine is going anywhere for many decades. The only group eliminating the engine and fossil fuels is the media.

Great response! When the money dries up on climate change it will no longer be a problem.

Click on any photo and then use the arrows to scroll through, you’ll see more American cars.

I sold my 1956 Chrysler New Yorker to an English bloke who was so excited and couldn’t wait to get to his garage. After his payment cleared, the truck to take it to the port showed up at my house the next day!

Too many cars sit in museums now.

Will be ironic if some plant-based substitute is formulated (like the hamburger replacements) that allows internal combustion technology to be re-used rather than a blind conversion to current alternative forms (i.e., lithium battery) that have their own issues to be solved.

Clean burn and/or a better catalytic converter is all that is needed. Or solve the issues the current alternatives have and convert drivelines on the old cars. Don’t need to fill museums at all.

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2019 Helsinki American Car Show.

plant based alternative???..wow I think I am dis-informed on that whole angle…

If Science is right and Deny-ers wrong think what my Amphicar will be worth…with a battery conversion.