Everything we know about the mid-engine Corvette C8

Make way for progress. Just think it could easily have been a front wheel drive. lol

Typical forum responses ever since the C8 was leaked to be mid-engine: absolute loathing to drooling “please take my deposit now” anticipation. Whatever happens, GM has people talking and that is good, whether you are selling cars, fried chicken, blue jeans or airplanes. In the end, the proof will be in the number of sales. I think the C8 will do OK. There will be some Vette fans that won’t buy, but there will also be sales to enthusiasts who would have never considered a Corvette. Finally, I think all the hooey about the cost is just that. Hooey. When you consider the cost of the C5 Corvette in 2004 and compare the costs of subsequent models to the inflation rate and cost of living, the Vette has been more and more of a bargain each year. The reported figures for MSRP for the base C8 appear almost to be a correction in the overall price increases throughout the years.


Convoy, I hope Ford has learned their lesson of “V6 engine know how” by not designing their V6 engines with the water pump being driven by the timing chain. When the water pump seal goes bad, and it will, it floods the crankcase with coolant and destroys the engine. Ford’s engine designers must have been high on drugs when they designed that engine. GM isn’t any better, Cadillac engine designers installed the starter under the intake manifold!!! In my opinion, in some ways, rather than improving engine designs, engineers are getting worse. It makes me wonder what our engineering schools are teaching engineers these days.

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An ok John is an insulted Chevy kook. Don’t take GM engineering flaws personally. Unless of course you are a GM engineer, then you are allowed to take it personally.

The fact is the Corvettes a mess. It has been for a long time and GM has always displayed the worst engineering of all of them put together. You will see how bad this car will be once introduced.



We are witnessing American automotive history.
I wish it still looked more like my beloved C3. Though, the world moves on.
As an American, and American automotive enthusiast my hope is that the elite GM `dream team’ that put much of their life into bringing the C8 to life is delivering a potent world-beater. As it has done with humbling effect with every Corvette model since the C4. I feel sorry for Porsche. OK, not really.
Let’s root for the home team! (including those of you - for some reason - still driving tired and traditional Jap and EU stuff. Yawn).


meh… you’re the same dude that complained when they got rid of the carburetor, the pop-up headlights, and the “traditional 4 round taillights” (even though they haven’t been round in years…)

I’m happy at least one of what used to be the Big 3 is stepping up their game to meet the Europeans in the mid-engine game. When I lived in Japan for a while I owned a 1993 Toyota Corona ED that had all kinds of options on it the same year Cadillacs & Lincolns hadn’t even thought of at the time. Sad. The US has been making cars on a grand scale for a hundred years. You’d think old man Ford was running the show for most of the time keeping everything the same because we didn’t “need” anything different.

I’ve worked the assembly lines in Detroit. The engineers aren’t the only problem. If this C8 gets slapped together by the same “…that ain’t my job.” people I used to work with, Chevy is in trouble. I pray this car is great! The Sixth Gen Camaro (Alpha platform) proves they can make a great RWD chassis. Of course, that only took 100 years…

I am hoping for a great turnout. I really am…

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Haters want to hate and all you are showing is a full blown prejudice towards GM.
All, and I mean ALL automakers have problems with engineering. It usually happens because they are pushing the limits of known science when they develop new engines, chassis’, suspensions, etc.
So maybe you could back off the talk about horrible engineering and say that GM always pushes the limit in auto design and tech.
My Corvettes have always been great cars but like all cars have had a few problems but all easily fixable.
I see a C8 in my future but it will be in a few years when the crowd starts to clear and I’ll have more choices from the used market.

I am the happy owner of a 2012 C6 base Corvette with a manual transmission. It is my daily driver and for the last 68,000 miles has been very reliable and is always fun to drive. Simple, powerful, 20 MPG on average and really more car than I know how to drive. I expect that 95% of all modern Corvette owners are not up to extracting the full performance of these cars.

I think that it is terrific that Chevy is finally releasing a mid-engine car with a small block push rod engine. These engines have proven themselves to be completely bullet proof and competitive. What’s wrong with that?

My view, yeah for Chevy. I hope it beats the Hell out of Porsche on the race track.

Bow tie man. Hummm. Yes they. All have problem yes. Look at the late 70s early 80s.

But we are on the 2010s. No more excuses. We all should have learned something. Like putting a distributor on the back of an engine not the front? Lame.

I have all 3 brands in the collection. Only worthy GM products make the cut.

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Annie, go count your Guns instead of shooting down Americas Sports Car that will equal to the Europeans for way less than they list for and its made here in the U.S.A.

Thankyou Very much,
George Lambo

Looks nice from the 3/4 front view. I’d make “break from tradition” comments about it, but they’d be weak after some of the truly lame cars badged as 'vettes in the middle years, so what the heck. I do know if the sneak peeks of the rear turn out to be true, they totally blew it with a Camarish ugliness that might let an entire aftermarket rear body kit industry spring up and flourish.

It’s becoming common to bury the starter back in the valley, under the intake. Many cars and trucks have it, the owners just don’t know until the dealer calls and give them the $1K-ish quote over the phone. Like the water pump scenario you mention, the customer be damned when it comes to service bills. Guess it’s the new badge of honor to swap stories of how the “little people” squirm over $500 headlamp replacements and $900 water pump replacements. Means we’re all driving “exotics” now :wink:

I have never had the desire to own a Corvette and still don’t. But, even with that being the case, I think one of the big 3 has finally had enough “Kahunas” to think out of the box. Ford started it with Shelby and the Cobra, Chrysler (Iacocca) tried to follow up by getting Shelby to rework their cars. Chevy has taken the bull by the horns to take on the Italians one on one. I am a Ford man from way back, but my trucks are 2011 F150 and a 1970 D100. I will consider a Chevy if it strikes my fancy. All I can say about a mid-engine Corvette is, “Kick their ever-luvin Italian Butts>” And isn’t a Porsche one of those structures you have on the side of a house???

A lot of car for the money.

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The less violent V6 story was an April fools joke.

I am ambivalent to the C8. It is exciting that indeed a mid engine Corvette will be released, the more I look at the spy photos, the more it looks like the designer of the Camaro wanted a Lamborghini. Honestly I hate the styling of a Lambo, it is not sexy, they are brash and they are wild looking and fast but that is it. The C7 was a departure, and it was radical too, but this seems to be a whole new level of, “just how ugly of a car will Americans buy?” If I want a sports car I tend to lean to more of a Ferrari Vibe honestly… The whole Vector, Lambo, and other cars that are 20 ideas thrown together do not appeal to me.

I’ve never studied them too seriously since none after '67 really appealed to me, but they always seem to be near the bottom in reliability ratings. I can see that with more inexpensive pony cars like the Camaro & Mustangs that got bought & thrashed by younger folks that couldn’t afford a Corvette, but there must be a reason why 'vettes seem to finish down with the Fiats.

I’m excited for the C8, I hope it succeeds, I have owned a 1969 stingray and currently own a 1990 ZR-1. I think it’s a progression that has been coming for a long time, I think the C7s performance is the pinnacle of front engine design. The C4 was light years ahead of the C3, not sure why it gets no respect, the 1990 ZR-1 set the world speed endurance 24 hours speed record and the throttle was limited to 70% of WOT, and it carried 300 lbs of spare parts strapped to the installed roll cage. A showroom stock LT5, many other manufacturers tried to break it all failed, only recently was it broken by a prototype VW W12. So for the price that old 1990 ZR-1 LT5 was and still is a badass, dependable hot rod that will smoke other cars costing much, much more. All cars have certain problems no matter how much they cost, it’s pretty cool a old bricklayer can own a piece of America’s sports car history for a relatively cheap price. No doubt in my mind the C8 will become another successful chapter in the Corvette family.

The C8 bashes are out in force and the car has not even been revealed yet. No it’s not a C2, with 50 year old technology. The C7 is awesome and I expect the same or better for the C8.

Yes I own a C2 and a C7. The C2 is a local cruiser and the C7 is an out of town cruiser. I hope GM has a winner with this mid engine design.