Everything you need to know about the 2018 Woodward Dream Cruise


Woodward Avenue is Detroit’s main artery, diagonally connecting the heart of downtown to the outlying suburbs. As such, the 21-mile stretch of pavement is the epicenter of Detroit’s car culture, with plenty of stoplights and adjacent parking lots for meet-ups and cruises.

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how about some better spots?

  1. A Volkswagen Thing
  2. Pontiac Le Mans pretending to be a GTO
  3. An attractive Mustang II (tough one!)
  4. At least 3 movie cars in the same frame
  5. Any right hand drive vehicle manufactured prior to 1980
  6. An active burnout on Woodward (no peg legs, real posi, traclok, detroit locker, whatever)
  7. Bike cop with someone pulled over