Everything you think you know about Porsche and Houndstooth seats is wrong


In popular culture, Houndstooth conjures images of Sherlock Holmes’ iconic deerstalker cap, the fedora made famous by Alabama football coach Paul “Bear” Bryant, and—in recent years—the shirt of choice for dimwitted Ricky LaFleur in the Canadian mockumentary Trailer Park Boys. But it doesn’t take a rocket appliance (thanks, Ricky) to know that Houndstooth means just one thing to automobile enthusiasts: the upscale upholstery option most often associated with 1960s Porsches.

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I am not sure where Mr. Peek is from or what he actually knows about cars, but where I am from no one associates houndstooth with Porsche. When houndstooth upholstery is mentioned, it conjures images of the 1969 Chevrolet Camaro. Maybe this article is biased towards exotic European cars over the classic American muscle cars as they don’t even mention anything other than Porsche.


Another US example would be the 1973 Ford Bronco. The Ranger addition I had wore houndstooth inserts in the seats as well as the door panels. Always loved the look.
A friend of my just recovered the seats in his '69 Z28 with the black and white houndstooth.


NI 1960 my father bought a new Impala convertible. The seats were red vinyl basic with a red and white vinyl Houndstooth insert.


Where Mr. Peak is from is not the issue. Where Mr. Andree is from is what matters.


Both my 1974 Pinto Squire wagon and my mother-in-law’s 1972 Plymouth Valiant Swinger coupe were equipped with hounds tooth upholstery and neither were built by Porsche. BTW, the author tells us that the “Vichy” pattern is not actually houndstooth, that he says looks like little windmills, but, instead, resembles dog’s teeth. Huh?


@69_Camaro_Buzz No bias against any car or geographic area intended whatsoever. Thank you for the reminder of the Camaro’s seats. First, we’ll update the story to recognize the domestic side.

Second, based on what we now know about the details of all these patterns, which one did the '69 Camaro use?


Pepita was also found on 2002 Baur cabriolets. I was just in the Netherlands visiting a friend with a Baur and we were talking about the interior. He said Pepita, I said “you mean houndstooth” sounds like I owe him an apology.


The 1968 Camaro had houndstooth as an interior trim option.


Don’t forget the 1970 Mercury Cougar, which featured optional brown & black or white & black houndstooth checked cloth interior, as well as the optional matching vinyl top! See quite a few of the brown / gold houndstooth cars out there. Black & white houndstooth tops are much less common.
I believe the '70 Torino’s also offered a houndtooth interior with blue & black checks.

1970 Mercury Houndstooth Cougar


@Mike_B I need a houndstooth landau roof in my life.


Yes you do :slight_smile:



Can’t wait for the discussion on Chrysler / Dodge / Plymouth’s “Mod Tops” vinyl tops in the late 60’s!!! Ugly as my Aunt Marty’s vinyl covered kitchen chairs back in the day, but oh so cool now!