Expensive Mustang - Shelby Mustang


The Mustang was introduced as a way to get into high performance and good looks at an attractive price. That’s still part of the Mustang’s appeal half a century later, whether you’re shopping for a brand new car or a weekend classic, and there are always plenty to choose from because somewhere near 10 million (and counting) of them have been built. Even so, there’s certainly exclusivity and high prices to be found in the Mustang world. Special editions, performance packages, rare options and racing pedigree are all factors that get collectors’ attention and drive prices up. One word, though, stands above all others for Mustang enthusiasts, and that word is Shelby. That all but one of the cars on this list of the most expensive Mustangs to sell at auction is a Shelby shows the value placed on the name by collectors, and the one car that isn’t a genuine Shelby was actually modified to look like a GT500.

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