Expert tips for selling your car at auction


We’ve all seen the big auctions on TV. The scene is often the same: a car rolls on to the block, the auction commentator gives a 20-second spiel likening it to the best thing since indoor plumbing, and shortly thereafter a room of eager bidders attack it like a Wolverine taking down a moose. And then, in four minutes or less, the auctioneer drops his gavel with ear-shattering authority and shouts out “SOLD!!” Just like that another world record is set, and the camera crew cuts to an elated seller and an overjoyed winning bidder. High fives all around.

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Colin, enjoyed the article. I have had the experience of buying and selling a car at Mecum as well as other auctions. Everything you say is such good advise. I have several cars that I am thinking of selling at Mecum next January at Kissimmee, Florida but agree with you that not all cars “belong” at certain auctions. Before reading your article I have been contemplating which auction might be best for a few of the cars. I couldn’t agree more with your comments. I have also sold and purchased cars on certain websites with no real problems but the captured audience of the auction, and a good organization like Mecum, assures a smooth process and quick payment of funds at the end of the day. Take care, Dean.


Excellent article and advice. Much appreciated!


I wish I had read this before I sold my 1929 Mercedes Benz Gazelle replica recently. I should have looked for a mainstream auctioneer rather than using a large online site. They offer an auction service, but, when the auction is over they don’t do anything to support the seller when the buyer refuses to follow through with their purchase.