Exporting a car to the UK

I have a buyer that would like to purchase my 1937 Riley Adelphi and bring it back to the UK, where it originally was sold. I have a clean KS title but trying to figure out the best way to do the transfer and protect both of us in the transaction. We have all of the shipping items figured out but how do you handle the business transaction the easiest way? Thanks

I have never been involved personally with a trans-Atlantic transaction, but I would think once you have payment, you mail off the documents. A good bill of sale signed by both parties should be retained by both you and the buyer, once the car is at the shipper your work as a seller is done.

Thanks Kyle,
New to the FORUM so not sure if this is the correct way to respond. The question really becomes……since the buyer has not seen the car (50+pictures only + video of driving it) what if he gets the car and is not happy with something or thinks I mis-represented the car? I would have him wire the money to me but what assurance does he have that he is getting what I have represented? The shipping expense was $2500 US which he is paying but just want to make him feel comfortable with the transaction. I can see both sides of this…I dont want to release the car until I have the money and the buyer does not want to pay for something that he has never seen in person. REALLY appreciate your thoughts and help! Peter

Again, personal opinion here. That sounds like a standoff if I ever heard it. If he isn’t going to buy it without looking at it and also isn’t going to come look at it-- I guess he isn’t buying it.

There is a certain amount of risk in purchasing anything–even if you are able to see it in person. If she/he is not comfortable with that risk, and you have exhausted the work you are willing to do to make that person comfortable, sounds like a deal is not happening.

I recognize I am a little hard in situations like this. The assurance the buyer is getting is my word and documentation. If they aren’t comfortable with that, all I can do is shrug and look for another buyer who is.

Kyle, I TOTALLY agree with you and I am the same way. The only caveat is a RILEY is not an easy car to sell in the US…there are only 2 of my model in the US today and there is a huge following in the UK, and desire for the car, so I am at a bit of a disadvantage if I dont sell it to a UK person…no one in the US even has heard of the RILEY car company. It is a stand off and I TRULY appreciate your input and thoughts. Thanks very much and I will let you know how it goes down! Peter

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