Extinct Cars - Volkswagen Fox and more


Since the last installment of this story in May, nobody has collected the outstanding reward of $50,000 for conclusive proof of the continued existence of the Ivory Billed Woodpecker, nor has anyone insured a Plymouth Champ with classic car insurer Hagerty Insurance. Sadly, both may be extinct. To qualify for the Automotive Threatened, Endangered and Extinct List, a car must have been produced in large numbers (10,000-plus) within the last 40 years with few (if any) roadworthy survivors. Here are some more of our favorite threatened, endangered and extinct cars:

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The GM X-cars were “…the first American front-drivers since the Olds Toronado and Cadillac Eldorado of the mid-’60s…”? What about the Chrysler L-cars (Dodge Omni/Plymouth Horizon), introduced in 1978? (Also endangered, at the least.) Where did the Shelby-infused Omni GLH’s go? These had true BMW-scaring performance!