F100 styleside short bed 302 automatic


Just a quick question here anyone know if the F100 were like the precursor to the Ford lightning trucks? I have a 1982 styleside 302 automatic was wanting to know what wheel options were offered for that year?


@Dadofbrats While the F-100 and the Lightning are based of the 1/2 Ton chassis, I wouldn’t necessarily call the F-100 the precursor to the Lightning. Up until 1975 the F-100 was the standard platform and then the F-150 was introduced offering a better load capacity in the 1/2 Ton range and a couple more engine options (although not performance related). That still held true until the F-100 name was phased out after 1983. The Lightning was really the first of it’s kind for Ford answering to Chevrolet’s entry into the sport truck market with the 454 SS pickups.