Factory restoration programs offer master works, and who better to do it?


There is nothing quick, easy, or inexpensive about an automotive restoration. Returning any car back to factory-new condition is a Herculean task, especially without the resources, materials, and processes of the original manufacturer. If the ultimate goal of a restoration is a car that appears less restored and more like a brand-new original, turning to the company that built the car in the first place, is sound strategy. The good news is that several manufacturers have established dedicated restoration and parts programs, albeit they generally don’t come cheap.

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Certainly the factories have immense pocket books to restore a car but in the end even they must turn to the same aftermarket suppliers for some repopped pieces. The same parts supplier I, the backyard restorer, must turn to. However to say the factories can do it better than the backyard mechanic is an assumption that is not necessarily true.