Family sells, then reacquires, beloved Mustang, with a little help from Ford

Perhaps you heard the heartwarming story last year about the Ryan family from Texas, whose adult children managed to find and acquire the 1993 Ford Mustang GT that their father had sold in 2002 to help pay for their mom's successful cancer treatments. It's never fun when you have to part with beloved possessions to deal with life's challenges, but Jake Ryan and his sister Jeni finding the car and gifting it to their parents made a nice ending to what could have been a very sad story.

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What a great story, I cried!

My mother loved our family Mustang. Parent’s really didn’t have much but they had the Mustang convertible and people kept trying to buy it. She would not sell. She had something people wanted! She passed and I had the car restored. We still have it. None of the kids can drive a clutch as much as I push it on them all (what’s wrong with kids these days). I still get it out and smile. Its a struggle to drive in todays traffic but take the roads less traveled and it’s glorious.

My wifes’ parents bought an early 65 mustang coupe (64 1/2 some call it) new in early 1965. They traded in a '50 ford that my wife(Sandy) loved and didnt want to see go. She was only 3 years old. The car they bought was poppy red with a black interior and the 260cid V8 backed up by a 3 speed manual transmission. When Sandy turned 16, the car had been through a lot and with lots of miles and was seriously showing its age. But it was her first car. She ended up buying it from her parents and worked hard to get it fixed back up and running. When I met Sandy, the car was not in the best shape, it needed pretty much everything. I spent 13 years doing a complete nut and bolt rotisserie restoration where I went through every single part of the car and made each part, nut, bolt like new or replaced it with a new part of the same markings. I finished it up 2 years ago. The car is better than brand new, but I didnt make it a restomod, it is original in all but color and finishes on the parts so they will never rust again. But the new finishes are meant to look exactly like the original. Things like stainless steel brake and fuel lines. My mother-in-law is alive and loves the car. My father-in-law passed before I was able to complete it, but Sandy says he would have been proud to see it in the new color. We only drive it on clear days and really love the car. They become part of the family and our kids will inherit the car when we are gone. We are glad to have it and not let it slip away.