Fast Masters: When Jaguar ran a bizarro XJ220 racing series for retirees


The Jaguar XJ220 is a supercar that’s rarely celebrated alongside similarly exotic peers of its era such as the Ferrari F40 or the Lamborghini Diablo. Although the sleek coupe had a turbulent birth into the world (it was originally slated to feature a mid-mounted V-12, and several customers canceled their deposits when the design shifted to a twin-turbo V-6), the XJ220 also happened to be the fastest production car in the world. For about a year, anyway. The Jag’s top speed of 212.3 mph gave it a brief reign in 1992, until the 231-mph McLaren F1 stole its thunder in ’93. Nonetheless, the Jag was a high-tech triumph whose audience was ultimately limited by low production numbers and a sensational $750,000 (at the time) price tag.

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