Fast N’ Loud Ferrari F40 heading to auction again


A resurrected 1991 Ferrari F40, featured on Fast N’ Loud in 2013, is getting a new lease on life. Well, another new lease on life.

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Let’s hope the Gas Monkey doesn’t get it back… LOL !


This F40 is a a piece of junk. I watched both shows and saw Kaufman cut off, move and reweld a motor mount when the engine would not fit the chassis. Barrett Jackson had the audacity to tell me it did not have a salvage title when people knew it was a basket case.
An unmolested F40 should command 1.5 to 2 million, this POS only fetched 700+ grand when first sold. Last bid I saw, a week ago, was a bit north of 500 grand. Only an idiot would buy a hot rodded F40. Sorry Reggie, you know better. Your a car guy and a savvy buyer.


I think there is a really good reason this has “changed hands multiple times.” The build quality on this repair was almost comically horrible. Add to that it has now been in the hands of the U.S. Marshals Service, who are not exactly known for their delicate handling of any seized assets, I am not seeing anything worth anywhere close to $500k.
I know that notable Ferrari experts also apparently had a hand in the so-called restoration but this would hardly be the first time shenanigans were justified in the name of entertainment. All I am saying is when you look at what vehicles could be had for $500k, a wrecked, color-changed and non-factory modified Ferrari is not on the list. But I guess it’s worth whatever someone will pay for it. Let’s see if they actually pay.