Fast N’ Loud’s Richard Rawlings stuffs a Hellcat into the wall at Roadkill Nights


As Richard Rawlings staged a Dodge Challenger Hellcat on the Woodward Avenue drag strip at next to Leah Pritchett on Saturday afternoon, he probably wanted to draw a lot of attention with a big burnout. He got the attention of just about everyone at Roadkill Nights 2018, but not in the way he hoped. Fender, meet Wall.

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I feel bad for the car. The clown behind the wheel, not so much. He’s easily one of my least favorite automotive TV personalities.


Complete agreement here. “Idiots behaving badly” was never a TV genre I could stand.


Anyone have a video? I would love to see the look on Lil Richards face…


Word on the street is he’s a real jerk. I agree.


In the immortal words of Bugs Bunny - What a Maroon!


He was probably drunk. Every time I see him at an old-car auction on TV, he’s holding/drinking a beer. Or his hands may have slipped off the steering wheel from all that grease on his hands from constantly rubbing them through that hair he apparently thinks everybody finds attractive.

@ Mr. Torque: To the earlier comment about Rawlings being one of your least favorite TV people (I can’t call him a personality), he is definitely my least favorite!


For all of the above reasons, that’s probably why you don’t see him much anymore. Works for me!


EXACTLY the type of thing that I would expect from such a pretentious blowhard!!

Sure hope that he sees these responses and realizes what his “fans” really think of him!!


Wow-- Interesting. Not what I was expecting to hear about one of the guys who actually made Automotive TV shows successful. He is not a motor head. Anyone can see that but he was able to organize a group of motor heads and make what they do interesting enough to become mainstream and although maybe not a motor head he is definitely a car enthusiast as are the majority of the people who watch those shows in the first place. I don’t mind saying I loved watching them on their build projects with Aaron supervising the mechanics and metal./body men. That said the spinoff of that show that is now on and I won’t mention the name of it is comprised of motor heads but that is all they are and they come across very poorly.


I agree wholeheartedly with MISTER TORGUE!!! Rawlings, in my opinion is an egotistical blowhard who doesn’t deserve a TV show and is one bird I refuse to watch. Just sayin’…


If you have ever watched his TV show, you know that R Rawlings is a wannabee gearhead. His show is aimed at other wannabee gearheads that fantasize about carrying wads of cash and buying cars to flip for big bucks.
Here’s his formula, buy a nice vintage car, do some donuts in the parking lot, take the good original parts off and throw them into the dumpster. Then lower it to the max, install some 20" wheels, and an LS engine, and double your money
Probably best that Rawlings hit the wall and didn’t get the chance to go fast in a straight line. He should stick to doing “donuts” in his parking lot. … Gary V.


Not one Farrt in Loud fan on this post. I have to agree. After Richard took on the street racers of Street Outlaws he hired a professional team to not only build but also drive the 1/4 mile drag Challenger supposedly Gas Monkey built. He knew he couldn’t drive a fast car straight.
He and his show got too rich too fast. It Jumped the Shark before Arron Kaufman left. Below is the link. Great example for the kids no helmet or safety gear.

Link to video

It’s so bad he’s such a tool.


Apparently, the consensus here is that R.R. “Hit-The-Wall” a long time ago…
The curved protrusion at the bottom of the retaining wall, saved the body of the Dodge, by the tire hitting iy first, and then rebounding from the concrete…minimum contact!


Cant stand the guy and will not watch any program he appears on. Glad he show just how much he knows about drag racing. 1/4 mile burnout…what a tool.


He’s an idiot, just my opinion


To quote Forrest Gump, " Stupid is as Stupid does." Even with all the $$$ he’s made, he still can’t buy respect !


“Crash” Rawlings… what a pretender


I feel sorry for the car. How does a tool like him even get seat time.


*hit happens - more *hit happens to wealthy intoxicated idiots that haven’t gotten out of adolescence!