Fast N’ Loud’s Richard Rawlings stuffs a Hellcat into the wall at Roadkill Nights

agreed. he is an ass. not much else to say.

I didn’t see him wearing a helmet either. May have missed it. Or, he couldn’t find one big enough.

I have met and talked to him in person. The show is his good side, hes more arrogant in real life. Aaron was the REAL talent of the two, and lucky he moved on to his own career rather than carry Richard. Whats confusing is why anyone would actually buy a car from him after seeing how he buys, glues them back together and then treats potentials customers.

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Pretty much easy to see what ya got there reminds me of another long gone show about a another custom car shop (Whips) the so called star of that one stuffed a customers tricked out Viper into a curb acting the same way made me sick certainly doesn’t bode well for customers looking for a serious performance shop at least you get to see their true colors on the tube ,X that one of the list.R

If it weren’t for the Fast and Loud show Dick would be nothing more than a regular grease monkey just like every other shop around. Everybody talks about how smart he is Marketing himself and his business but he is not to blame for that the DISCOVERY channel is and the new show he has Garage Rehab As you can read I really do hate this guy I used to like the TV show when it was just him and Aaron in their first shop he acted like a normal guy somewhat but the more money Discovery gave him the larger his ego grew along with his Discovery channel cohort Little Chief from street outlaws a whole other paragraph. WHERE DOES DC DIG UP THESE PEOPLE !!!

Does anybody else get sick and tired of fools acting like juveniles doing all these “burn outs” and “donuts”? What is so damn cool and macho about destroying tires, thrashing drive trains and over reving engines? Who started this stupid fad as something that is supposed to be so cool?

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I am sorry but to me Aaron was really an egotistical bore. He tried to act casual and low key but he fancied himself as some kind of superstar car builder. I found his builds to be ugly lowriders and super expensive experimental frankenstein type concoctions. He is not the only one doing this nowadays. The Bitchen Ride people is another example of people making bilious products. How in the hell can people spend astrinomical money on this overpriced crap?

Wow…just saw this thread. I figured I was the only one that thought Dick Rawlings earned his name every time he appeared on screen. He gets a channel change faster than a feminine hygiene commercial.

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I wanted notify everybody about the dissolution of fidiot’s fan club, but it seems to be way too late He should be relegated to road testing restored Yugos.

Say what you will about him. The fact remains he’s more successful than most of us will ever be. Just sayin > https://www.celebritynetworth.com/richest-businessmen/business-executives/richard-rawlings-net-worth/

Well, we know how YOU measure success.
I’m sure he’s got grocery money. But internet pages like that are as reliable as an Epstein jail cell guard.

I normally don’t wish ill on anyone but in Rawlings case, I have a different opinion. After watching the show where they hot rodded an F40 Ferrari that should have been parted out, I think most car guys came to realize Rawlings is a clown. He claimed the Ferrari drove like a new car. Yes, and it has been sold 3 times since they got their hands on it. The Ferrari dealership here in Scottsdale Arizona would not even touch the car. I suspect they knew what a POS it is. I doubt he knows the difference between a box wrench and a box wrench.