Favorite 302 Cubic Inch Engine


Hey Guys,

I figured with today being 3/02, it might be interesting to discuss some of your favorite 302 cubic inch engines!

Ford’s 302 is probably the most well known (and most widely available), but the Chevrolet DZ 302 from the first gen Z28 is also a legend in it’s own regard.

How about we go more obscure? The GMC 302 inline-6 was a popular choice among hot-rodders before Chevy’s small-block became the near-unanimous choice.

If you’re looking for a modern take, Fords recent 5.0 Coyote is also a 302 (although bumped to 307 cid for 2018) and has DOHC, all aluminum construction and revs to over 7000 RPM!

There are some great choices out there, but I’m sure that there are more that I haven’t mentioned. What are your top picks?


I love the thought of the Chevy “Big Six.” Inline six-cylinder 302ci. Only seen a handful in person, but love the way they sound with a small cam in them.


I really like the Chevy 302 myself. Now if I had managed to see this on 3/03 I would’ve commented with the 303 Pontiac used for Trans Am series racing.


DZ 302 all the way. In its day, it was really quite special.