FB Market Place - a legit Opportunity

As one who looks at every opportunity to score a DD I can wrk on, drive, mod, maintain and keep or make a profit - I scan every opportunity I can for running (well, not all ways) vehicles. The '66 bronk I got in '83 has earned some good money and after 33 yrs of ‘woods wrk’ is being restored to a rd vehicle w/off rd capacities. Oh…I can drone on…

Anyway, I have been looking at the fox-bodied as I believe they’re still avail at my price range. I have been contacting the few wagon owners who post on that media (Wash,DC, CT, L.IS, TX) as some already have the bent8 installed & in my NE of USA. A few posts on the lill window & no move to show, exchange addresses, etc. Is it me, the media or, these posters? They can’t ‘close’…just trolling for price point decisions?

  • -Chad