Federal proposal for automotive import tariff will hit classic car owners squarely in the pocketbook


If you want to put the latest tariff proposal in that big file marked “Unwanted Government Regulations,” feel free. But it will hit most car collectors hard—and right in the wallet. And that goes for everyone, not just owners of foreign cars.

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This is thoughtful and well considered. Thanks Hagerty for putting this story out there. Sure gives us old-car guys something to think about.


Sorry - But I’m not going to cry if someone wants to import a used Mercedes or Ferrari and pays more to do it. That’s their choice. And owning two classic cars - a 1966 Corvette and a 1969 Shelby GT350 - I know from experience that most foreign made parts for my classic cars are junk.
And I’m tired of hearing from these do-nothing “experts” from some over paid think tank who think their opinions have any more value than mine. None of these blowhards have ever produced anything - so why are we paying any attention to them?


So in short - the minority of people profiting from the present foreign trade arrangement protest! The Americans hurt by it (i.e. the Rust Belt) finally realize that they are now the majority and want something done about it.

Trading low consumer prices for the massive unemployment of fellow citizens isn’t a good trade for anyone in the long run, especially if you find yourself and your children out of a job for years to come.

As for National Security - - I suggest that everyone review the history of WW-II. It was the industrial might of the USA that won WW-II. A huge part of that industrial might was our Steel Mills and Automotive Production facilities - all rapidly conveyed to supply military might. Today to say they don’t matter to National Security is ignorant and arrogant.


Sandra Button, Chairman of the Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance, sent out an email urging fellow enthusiasts to thoughtfully review and comment on the regulation while stating, “I cannot imagine how we will be able to maintain and share even the collector cars we already have in the United States—whether first made here or abroad. How will we be able continue to use them?”

How many people would be willing to put that level of detachment from reality into writing? I’m a little disappointed to have read this here.