Feedback to Hagerty Price Guide Team


Folks, I can’t find any obvious way to provide feedback on the Hagerty Price Guide. Perhaps someone at Hagerty could pass this along?

The Models shown for Corvairs need fixing… . .or is there a reason why the 164/140 Corsa has been omitted in 1965 and 1966?

Of the 39,000 Corsas built in the USA in 1965 &1966 about 9,000 were 164/180 Turbos. The rest were 164/140.



I don’t know the answer to your question, but I’ve had the same problem with the E21 BMW 320i. The car was sold in the US from 1977 to 1983, yet their valuation guide only list it until 1981.

I sent an email to them about it once, but didn’t ever get a response…


I’ll check into this and get an answer from the valuation team. Stay tuned.


@gmosher, I am the Assistant Editor of the price guide and wanted to comment to your question. Frist of all, thank you for pointing out these holes in our coverage. I am aware that there are gaps in coverage here and with other vehicles and we have been going back and addressing these as we have time and resources. I agree that there are some big gaps in Corvairs and these do need addressing. The team will begin working on putting in the research to add these missing engines very soon although I cannot give a timeline just yet. I’ll check back and update when the additions have been made.


@teutonicscot, my apologies that your previous requests went unanswered. I believe that the reason we did not carry pricing for the entire generation is because when the price guide was founded 10 years ago, all pricing stopped for vehicles at 1981. When we continued coverage, the 320i appears to have been missed. I completed coverage for the generation on the 320i and that will be available to view on the website tomorrow. As we are in the process of updating the guide for the Winter edition, these values will be further dialed in at that release. Thanks again for speaking up so that the team could address it.


Mike & Greg: Thank you!!


Thanks guys, it’s service like this that has kept me insuring my cars with Hagerty for many years!