Ferrari 288 GTO stolen on test drive, found almost immediately

We've all heard horror stories about people getting ripped off when privately selling a car. It can happen to dealers too, even those selling rare and exotic cars. In this case, the horror story has a happy ending.

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1 Adam 12, be on the lookout for a bald bilingual fat man driving a red Ferrari. He could be armed and dangerous or he could just be looking for some strudel.

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1 Adam 12, be on the lookout also for a fat adrenaline junkie, that is not the brightest bulb in the box, leaving his fingerprints and photo, both on the car and at the dealership. Ditto on the salesman that let’s this guy that arrived in a friggin cab to drive a 2 million dollar consignment car. Wonder what the consignee had to say about that little episode?