Fiat 500L offered by Mecum

The car announced here: https://www.mecum.com/lots/CA0819-380937/1972-fiat-500l/ as powered by a 1100 cc engine. The images show a 2 cylinder air-cooled engine. I have been involved with Fiat and Abarth for several decades and I own a genuine 595 SS with similar engine as shown. To my knowledge, it is impossible for this engine to be 1100 cc capacity. Fiat 1100 cc engines are 4 cylinder, water-cooled, totally different than this one. This is most probably 695 cc. Unless I can be corrected, I have respectfully asked Mecum to correct the listing before bidding starts. Bidder beware.

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@omnitrad - Nice eye! Hopefully Mecum can fix the listing. Good looking out for those interested in that sweet Fiat, and thank you for sharing your knowledge regarding its authenticity.

Thanks for the correction! Appreciate the info.